San Francisco Classical Voice has a great interview with our director and co-founder Ted Zoldan about our production of The Magic Flute. They also have a writeup annoucning the show.

Find out what San Francisco Classical Voice had to say about our double bill The Coffee Cantata and La Serva Padrona here

And check out this blog review (about halfway down the page) From The Uninteresting Life and Times of an Antisocial Violinist:

Today (Sunday) I discovered a new joy in life. It’s called “Waffle Opera”. This is a upstart opera company, small-scale but ambitious, performing in an intimate venue and mostly run by young people, with several SFCM students involved in the direction and performance. This afternoon I went to their production of the “Coffee Cantata” and “La Serva Padrona”. These are both relatively short works (they fit quite nicely on each side of intermission), and both pretty hilarious to watch, especially the Coffee Cantata – who knew Bach could make you laugh so hard??

Perhaps the most memorable thing about Waffle Opera is their name, and the fact that they do indeed serve waffles (with strawberries and whipped cream) at intermission and post-show, even renaming “Intermission” to “Waffle Break”. The context is casual but the singing, acting, and especially stage direction/choreography is all top-notch, making for a thoroughly enjoyable experience. If anyone plans to visit SF next spring, I will personally make sure you don’t miss their “Magic Flute”.