May-June 2014 – The Threepenny Opera (Weill)

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The Threepenny Opera is sold out!

In English

Waffle Opera takes a walk on the dark side in a wickedly funny satire by the legendary duo of Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht. The most wanted man in the country is Mack The Knife: Murderer, Bandit and Lady-Killer. But when Mack marries Polly Peachum, the daughter of the head of the Beggar’s Union, he learns that even the lowest of the low can bring down a legend.

*Parental guidance is recommended. Show contains partial nudity, language, and simulated violence.*

Sun. May 25th- 2 pm
Sat. May 31st – 7:30 pm
Sun. June 1st – 2 pm

The Phoenix Annex Theater
414 Mason St, San Francisco

$15 – under 30/senior
$25 – general

Order online or buy them at the door

Andres Ramirez – Captain Macheath
Sarah Young – Polly Peachum, Mollie
Charles Martin – J. J. Peachum, Old Whore
Alexis Lane Jensen – Mrs. Peachum, Jimmy
Megan Stetson – Jenny Diver, Ed
Roy Eikleberry – Tiger Brown, Mounted Messenger, Betty
Kelly Rubinsohn – Lucy Brown, Walt Dreary, Officer, Beggar
Brandon Jaico – Police Constable Smith, Sawtooth Bob, Beggar
Will Trichon – Charles Filch, Crookfinger Jake
Katie Nix – Matt of the Mint, Dolly